UEFA Champioan League Final 2011 : Barcelona Vs Manchester United Head to Head

Both Alex Ferguson and Joseph Guardiola is a great coach. Alex Ferguson's moreexperienced and more rich in tactics than with Guardiola. Rich tactics is one of themost important things that must be owned by a trainer. In 2009 Guardiola capable ofbeating Ferguson because it was a tactic Guardiola has not been so regarded by his opponents. The opposite is happening now, where every coach wants to beat Guardiolaand Barcelonanya. So author thinks Ferguson is better than Guardiola.
The Squad
Will be a fight between Edwin Van der Saar against Victor Valdez. Van der Sar will rely on the experience and composure to keep wicket. While Victor Valdez can sometimeslook very good but sometimes also appear less satisfactory. His appearance was not consistent.
Defensive Player
The authors favor the center back over Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand and VidicNemaja, compared duet Barcelona, Carlos Puyol and Gerard Pique. Ferdinand, Vidic,and may be equated Pique, Puyol is still below their becouse his actual position is full back.
For full back, the authors think Daniel Alves and Eric Abidal are superior compared with Patric Evra and Fabio da Silva. The drawback of the MU wing-back duo tue Fabio is still lacking experience. For the defensive side Evra superior to Alves and Abidal, but from the side of the attack bothwings barca defender is superior.
Plus the reserve player from Barcelona are more qualified than the MU reserve players. In Barcelona there is Gabriel Milito, Maxwell, Adriano, whileManchester United only have Wes Brown and John Evans are categorized Fair.

Midfielder Player
Barcelona's Midfielder players winning it all than MU's seen from the composition of the existing players on either club. With performance Segio Busquet, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernadez, which is the world's best midfielder, it's hard to find the composition of the midfield is commensurate with them. Plus barca still have Xavier Mascherano, one of the best defensive midfielders in the world today, it was mathematically very difficult to beat the Barcelona midfield.
Manchester United have Darren Fletcher, Antonio Valencia, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes,Park Ji Sung, Luis Nani, Anderson, Michael Carrick, Daren Gibson. 
MU usually attack through the wing and Barcelona from the middle, will be interesting battle between two different attack styles.

Will be a very interesting battle between the two front-line team. MU have XavierHernandez (Chicarito) and Wayne Rooney with the reserve Dimiti Berbatov and MichaelOwen. Going against Messi-Pedro-Villa with the reserve Ibrahim Affelay and Seydue Keyta in Barcelona side.

The Mistakes of Real Madrid after 2002

Real Madrid-2002

In UEFA Champions League 2010-2011 season the biggest football club, Real Madrid (with 9 title), has failed to brings home the trophy back. It was  remains a question mark, because the squad that they have and figure coach who handles this club. In this article the author tries to argue about some failure of this club in UEFA Champioan League after 2002.

The first mistake of this club is to fire the coach who has led this club 2 times won the European Champions League, that Vicente Del Bosque (Spain). When fired, in 2003, this coach still managed to lead Real Madrid to win La Liga. Then the president of this club with ambition would prefer Carlos Queros for easy adaptation to the new superstar David Beckham poses.

The second mistake occurs when  fired one of best and legendary coach Fabio Capello(Italy), which handles only one season, but returned to win La Liga. And 2 times Capello train Madrid, 2 times also won the La Liga. Just because Capello can not afford to make Madrid play beautiful game. Really ironic considering then the president appoint Mourinho (not the coach who put a beautiful game). It was only Real Madrid, who fired his coach after the coach capable of bringing the La Liga trophy.

The third mistake is, of course, the appointment of Jose Mourinho (Portugal) as coach of El Real. Almost all football fans know what kind of Mourinho, the coach who put the figure of the final outcome, not a coach who likes beautiful game. And this does not fit with the character of Real Madrid and Spain in general. So very strange hope Mourinho makes Madrid played a beautiful game as rivals Barcelona

The question is, Who is the coach who is able to restore the glory Real Madrid? The Author think Carlo Ancelloti is suited to handle this club.
Vicente del Bosque

Fabio Capello

Jose Mourinho